Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, Soul Sonic Force – Zulu Nation Throw Down #2

Paul Winley Records (US) [12×33-9] 1980

Classic laidback disco rap track arranged by Afrika Bambaataa and the Harlem Underground Band with raps by Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow & G.L.O.B.E. aka Soul Sonic Force.

There are a few of label variations for this release. Originally issued in 1980 as Zulu Nation Throwdown, it was reissued in 1982 as just Throw Down. Also the circular logo on the labels has no stem on the original but on the 1982 reissue there is an added stem on the B side. Both issues were released in plain white sleeves. All pressings have the same track list.

There is also a later 2000’s reissue which has a printed sleeve with Rap Classics 1980 on it. They seem to have done a few of these including Zulu Nation Throwdown #1 and Tanya Winley’s ‘Vicious Rap’. Over the years there have been several pressings, some bad, some good. Points to look for on reissues are blurry print, glossier labels, slightly different label textures, etc.

Original Release 1980

Side A

Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, Soul Sonic Force – Zulu Nation Throw Down [6:10]

Side B

Harlem Underground Band – Zulu Nation Throw Down [4:30]

Reissue 1982

Side A

Soul Sonic Force, Bambaataa – Throw Down [6:10]

Side B

Soul Sonic Force, Harlem Underground Band – Throw Down [4:30]

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