10-Speed – Tour De France

Quality Records (Canada) [QUS 052] 1983


Excellent cover version of the Kraftwerk classic. After searching for information about this it seems that apparently Kraftwerk didn’t want their version in the film or on the soundtrack so the label got a session group to cover it. I’m not sure how true that is as it seems a bit unlikely so I remain on the fence about it.

The track featured on a compilation album called Breakdance in 1984 which had Alex & The City Crew on the B side and on the UK version it had cover versions of Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” plus this cover version by 10-Speed so it’s very likely that it was made specifically for this album and wasn’t actually the version played in the movie. (Many thanks to ComputerLee for this additional information).


It was released with a couple of different company sleeves. One as pictured below and the other just had “Quality” printed all over it multiple times.

This was reissued in 1988 on Unidisc with 2 tracks by different artists on the B side.

Side A

Tour De France (Radio Mix) [6:23]
Tour De France (Dub) [4:25]

Side B

Tour De France (Radio Mix Edit) [3:28]
Tour De France (Instrumental) [4:16]

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