Outlaw Four

Members: Basic, Disco Rick, Jazzy Jay (MC), Junie Jay

The Outlaw Four was a four-man crew from Connecticut consisting of Basic, Disco Rick, Jazzy Jay (MC), and Junie Jay and Million Dollar Legs, arranged by the legendary Pumpkin, was their only release and the first for Dynamite Pep Records. Disco Rick and Basic also recorded as Trickeration, releasing Rap Bounce Rockskate the same year.

“Outlaw Four were part of the much overlooked Connecticut hip hop scene and featured Disco Rick who went on to form Trickeration. Complete with it’s cover, this uptempo ode to the female figure is a highly collectible piece and doesn’t turn up often.” [Dudley Jaynes]

Million Dollar Legs

Label: Dynamite Pep Records
Year: 1980
Format: 12″
Origin: US

Side A

  1. Million Dollar Legs (Rap) [6:00]

Side B

  1. Million Dollar Legs (Rap) [6:00]