Cold Crush Brothers – Weekend

Elite Records (US) [EL 100] 1982



One word….”Legends”.

Founded by the Original DJ Tony Tone and honing their skills alongside Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Funky Four, etc, Cold Crush grew to be a force on the rap scene and were well known for their synchronized routines.

DJ Tony Tone was originally a member of The Brothers Disco alongside DJ Breakout and DJ Baron with the original Funky Four. The original members were Tony Tone, Easy A.D., DJ Charlie Chase (Temporary DJ for the Furious Five), (Prince) Whipper Whip, Mr. Tee and Dot-A-Rock (R.I.P.). They were joined by Grandmaster Caz (Casanova Fly), (Almighty) Kay Gee. and J.D.L. after Whipper Whip and Dot-A-Rock left to join rival group, The Fantastic Five. Money Ray would also be added in the late eighties.

Cold Crush battled their rivals, The Fantastic Five, on many occassions, most notably Harlem World 1981. They battled for a $1000 grand prize and Fantastic Five came out on top but after a bootleg tape of the battle circulated public opinion grew in favour of Cold Crush. The groups battled again on the basketball court in a staged routine for the cult hip hop movie “Wild Style”.

Moving on and all this history culminated in the debut release from Cold Crush Brothers, a classic disco rap track about the things people go through in their daily lives leading up to the weekend.

There are a couple of notable label variations for this release. I’m not sure which release came first but there is a blue label version with white text and also a blue label with silver text which also includes the additional text Disco Mix By J. Bloodrock below the time on the right side.

Side A

Weekend [5:45]

Side B

Weekend (Instrumental) [5:45]

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