The B Boys – Two, Three, Break

Vintertainment (US) [VTI-001] 1983


This is the debut release from Bronx natives, the B-Boys, and the first release for Vincent Davis’ Vintertainment label. The original group for this track and ‘Rock The House’ consisted of DJ Chuck Chillout and Donald D and Brother B was added for a later release.

The vinyl had the same track on both sides and there are a few label variations for this release as pictured below. The first pressing was a white label with black text and had the slash under the label name starting from right to left. All following pressing had a black label with the slash starting left to right. You’ll notice aswell that on the later 2000’s pressing the start and end point of the slash are directly in line with each other whereas on the second pressing it finishes short of the start point. Another obvious difference is the inclusion of RPM after the speed on the original pressings. Later reissues omit this.

There was also a Vintertainment company sleeve, as pictured above, which was slightly different to the later sleeves. It still had the V shape but was just red and white. Later sleeves also had a black outline. Despite the company sleeves some of the first pressing were also issued in generic sleeves.

Another release of note is the UK release on Morgan Khan’s Streetwave Records. It contained the B Boys first two US releases and also included an exclusive Mastermind Mix by Herbie of “Two, Three, Break” and “Cuttin’ Herbie”.

Side A

Two, Three, Break [5:01]

Side B

Two, Three, Break [5:01]

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