The Radio Crew – Breaking And Entering

Rainbow Television Workshop Inc. (US) [No Catalogue #] 1983


The Radio Club opened in 1980 and was a legendary west coast hip hop spot run by Super A.J. It closed for a while in 1983 but reopened as the Radiotron and appeared as the focal point in the hit movie Breakin’ aka Breakdance. It was closed down in 1985 due to legal issues which went on to inspire the sequel Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogalo.

Following his debut release, “Cold Wind Madness”, Ice T became the in-house rapper at the legendary west coast nightclub and was joined by two more soon-to-be legends, Chris “The Glove” Taylor and the Egyptian Lover. Together with Super A.J. they went on to form The Radio Crew and this marked the Egyptian Lover’s first appearance on vinyl.

In 1983 a documentary about the Radio Club was made by director Topper Carrew and the Radio Crew made an EP as the soundtrack. Only 25 copies were pressed and given to cast and crew at the time which makes this one of hip hop’s holy grails.

In 2005 it was unofficially repressed on German label Lone Records on a variety of coloured vinyl, black, blue, clear and red. Shortly after it was bootlegged as a US 12″ but is easily distinguished from the original. The track titles on the original pressing appear in upper case lettering but on the bootleg they are in lower case. These previous pressings all featured the same track list as the original but in 2008 it was unofficially released in Japan on vinyl and CD with a slightly different spelling. It came with picture cover and 5 unreleased tracks including 3 by Dupont which were recorded for the soundtrack but didn’t actually make it to the EP. The track times on this release are all different from the original and the sound quality isn’t the best. One thing of note is that the runout groove of the Japanese release, Trutone NY Carl, seems to indicate that it was actually pressed in the USA at Trutone Mastering Labs.

Big thanks to Fab for the picture of the original EP complete with custom artwork of the time by the Egyptian Lover.

Original Release

Side A

The Glove – 6 P.M. Mix [5:17]
Super A.J. – Spray It [5:34]

Side B

Breaking And Entering [5:49]
The Glove Meets The Egyptian Lover [5:08]
The Egyptian Lover’s Theme [4:38]

Japanese Release [Radio Crew Productions RCP-1983]

Side A

Ice T – Intro [0:34]
The Glove – 6 P.M. Mix [5:51]
Super A.J. – Spray It [5:22]

Side B

Breaking & Entering [5:53]

Side C

The Glove Meets The Egyptian Lover [5:49]
The Egyptian Lover’s Theme [4:31]

Side D

Ice T – Breaking & Entering (Rap) [3:04]
Dupont – Burn [2:50]
Dupont – Break Dancer [1:28]
Dupont – Let’s Rock [4:00]

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