L.A. Dream Team – Calling On The Dream Team

Dream Team Records (US) [DTR-629] 1985


Second pressing with artist name on label.

This is the debut release from West Coast group L.A. Dream Team. The group was formed by Chris “Snake Puppy” Wilson and Rudy Pardee (R.I.P.) and was the first release on their own label, Dream Team Records.

There a a few label variations for this release as pictured below and all have the same track listing. The first pressing had no artist name on the label and the label address as Dream Team Records. The second press featured the group name and the same address but with Macola Record Co. instead. It was then reissued in 1989 but this time with the new distribution address for West Coast Record Distributors.

Side A

Calling On The Dream Team (Vocal)

Side B

Calling On The Dream Team (Instrumental)

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