Arthur Baker – Breaker’s Revenge

Atlantic (US) [0-86931] 1984


The ultimate b-boy anthem from one of the most iconic moment in hip hop movie history when New York City Breakers battled Rock Steady Crew at the Roxy in the cult movie Beat Street. Produced by the legendary Arthur Baker and edited by fellow legends, The Latin Rascals with vocals courtesy of Gavin Christopher (R.I.P.), brother of house diva Shawn Christopher.

There are a couple of variations for this release. Some copies are the same as the movie version and start with the words ‘break, break’ but others start with the music and omit these. The labels on both versions are identical so the only way to tell the difference is to play them and don’t think this is a promo thing as there are also two matching promos. One thing to note is that the original hype sticker states the extended version is 7:25 in length but the label states 7:27, the exact time it takes for the vocals ‘break, break’ but that is still no way to tell if the vocals are on the vinyl or not.

Side A

Breaker’s Revenge (Extended Vocal Version) [7:27]

Side B

Breaker’s Revenge (Dub Mix/Vocal) [6:52]
Jazzy Break Down (Instrumental) [5:03]

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