Awesome Foursome – Funky Breakdown

Partytime Records (US) [PT 107] 1984


The Awesome Foursome are DJ Gizmo, Mike Master, Milk Dee and Sugar K.

After appearing on the Streetwise release, Funky Soul Makossa, in 1982 with Nairobi, this is the groups second release and was again produced by Arthur Baker and engineered by Chris Lord-Alge.

It also appeared, although misspelt, in 1993 as a Canadian double A side with Nairobi’s release.

Original Release – Partytime 1984 [PT 107]

Side A

Funky Breakdown [7:59]
Bonus Breakdown [4:35]

Side B

Funky Mixdown [6:31]
Scratchy Breakdown [6:18]

Canadian Reissue – Unidisc 1993 [SPEC-1618]

Side A

Awsome Foursome – Funky Breakdown [8:19]

Side B

Nairobi & the Awsome Foursome – Funky Soul Makossa [7:25]
Nairobi & The Awsome Foursome – Free Beats [6:45]


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