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Hip Hop Be Bop

Rock Squad

Members: Groovy Groove, Jerry Jay, Smitty D, DJ Eazzy P

Rock Squad were Groovy Groove (Eugene Allen), Jerry Jay (Jeremiah Jones Jr.), Smitty D (James Smith) and DJ Eazzy P (Parrish Smith). Following this release, DJ Eazzy P left to form EPMD with his MC partner, Erick Sermon, and is better known as P.M.D. (Parrish Making Dollars).

Facts Of Life was produced by the Latin Rascals, who worked their usual magic for the 9+ minute instrumental. It was engineered by Jay Burnett and featured backing vocals from fellow Tommy Boy artists, The T.K.A. Disciples (T.K.A.), who themselves, went on to release three albums for the label.

The Rock Squad also released Kic Kic on Body Rock Records in 1986 under the name Smitty D & Rock Squad but Parrish was replaced DJ Playzay (Rick Kittles).

Image of the group Rock Squad

Facts Of Life

Label: Tommy Boy
Year: 1985
Format: 12″
Origin: US

Side A

  1. Facts Of Life (Vocal) [6:20]

Side B

  1. Facts Of Life (Instrumental) [9:11]