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Month: September 2017

DJ Magic Ray & The Undefeated Three – Unity Rap

Apexton Records (US) [AP-114] 1982 Prior to recording as a group, The Undefeated Three were Funkmaster Wizard Wiz, T La Rock & female MC, Vicious T. Former b-boy Wiz was the only member that was motivated to maintain studio dates, etc so he┬árecruited Gerald Stevens aka Easy G and Joe McDonald aka Supreme as replacements …

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The Honeyrappers – Honeybear Rap

Rainbow Bridge Records (US) [RB1985] 1985 The Honeyrappers were Cheryl Burton, Kim Armstrong and Trina Green. They were cheerleaders for the Chicago Bears called the Chicago Honey Bear Cheerleaders and recorded this record for fun as a demo to share with their friends. It was a rallying cry for the Bears and was based around …

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