Z-3 MC’s – Triple Threat

Beauty And The Beat Records (US) [BAB 103] 1985

Hailing from Baltimore the Z-3 MC’s, originally named Triple Threat, were put together by the We Rock Crew and consisted of Marvin C, Romey Z and Sean Nice who was sadly shot and killed in 1993.

The track was produced by Duke Bootee with scratches by DJ Cheese, edited by Latin Rascals and mixed by Dave Ogrin.

Side A

Triple Threat (Vocal) [6:49]
Triple Threat (Radio Edit) [4:20]

Side B

Triple Threat (Bonus Beats) [1:10]
Triple Threat (Instrumental) (U Rap & Scratch Along) [6:03]


  • Joseph

    Yes Z3mcs came out of Baltimore orchard mews.. Sean storey aka Sean Nice past December 24 1991 . Z3MCS Started after the we.rock crew..

  • Joseph

    3 young brothers who look up to the we.rock crew.

    • Joseph

      Tomorrow will be 26 years since we lost Sean Nice.. Big cuz RIP we love and miss you. And may set the story straight. Z3MCS WAS PUT TOGETHER BY THE WE ROCK CREW.

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