Divine Sounds – What People Do For Money

Specific Records (US) [SR-243] 1984

Divine Sounds were a rap group from Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Sty), Brooklyn, New York. The group originally consisted of brothers Disco Ritchie (Richard Dowling) and DJ Mike Music (Michael Dowling – RIP).

After writing this track the brothers decided that it would be a good idea for Disco Ritchie to have a rhyming partner. It was at a local rap contest where they met Shelton-D (Shelton McCoy), who was appearing there in another group. After he read the lyrics he agreed to join Divine Sounds.

The original hook was actually sung by Disco Ritchie but after visiting several labels trying to get a deal, it was someone at Streetwise that suggested having a female chorus. After making the necessary changes the group were signed to New Jersey’s Specific Records and with production from Clark Jay, John Jackson and Jerry Bloodrock, they debuted with the release of this classic track.

There are a few label variations for this release, all of which have the same track listing. The original release is pictured above in the Specific company sleeve and has catalogue number SR-243. It was repressed with a green label which, like the other Specific pressings, include the additional text below the credits “A sure shot records breakers mix”. This text doesn’t actually appear on the first pressing. Due to the success of the single it was repressed and distributed by Danya & Fantasy, details of which are printed below the label logo, unlike on the original pressing. The company sleeve was also changed as pictured below and the catalogue number was D-225.

In 1989 the track was reissued on JDC as part of the JDC Classics Series.

[Info courtesy of JayQuan at Tha Foundation]

Side A

What People Do For Money [7:24]

Side B

Dollar Bill Dub Dub [8:24]

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