Kool Kyle The Starchild – Do You Like That Funky Beat (Ah Beat, Beat)

Enjoy (US) [ER-6006] 1980

Kyle Brinson aka Kool Kyle began as a b-boy with the likes of Kurtis Blow. He was introduced by a friend to DJ Hollywood and went on to rock the mic for him on occasion. His talent led him to sign with Bobby Robinson’s Enjoy Records and he became the first solo MC from the Bronx with a record deal.

This was the debut release from Kool Kyle The Starchild and utilized ‘Do You Like It’ by BT Express. The track also featured Ronnie Ron and Crew plus The Disco Dolls and was the first and only picture cover rap release by Enjoy.

There are a couple of label variations of this release. The original picture cover release had the catalogue number ER-6006 on the label but E-6006 on the sleeve. It was also issued in an Enjoy company sleeve with the same catalogue number on the labels. Then, sometime in the 2000’s it was reissued, possibly unofficially, with the original picture cover again. This can easily be identified because the labels also have the catalogue number E-6006. All releases had the same tracklisting. The spine of the original picture sleeve actually faces front as you can see by the image above and the reissue has the additional STEREO E-6006 printed at the bottom which is not on the original.

Side A

Do You Like That Funky Beat (Aah Beat, Beat) [8:37]

Side B

Do You Like That Funky Beat (Aah Beat, Beat) [12:32]

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