Hip Hop Be Bop

Smitty "D" & Rock Squad

Members: Groovy Groove, Jerry Jay, Smitty D, DJ Playzay

Following the Facts Of Life release, DJ Eazzy P (Parrish Smith), left the Rock Squad to form EPMD with Erick Sermon and the rest is history for him.

As for the remaining members, they were joined by DJ Rick ‘Playzay’ Kittles, and released one final track. Kic Kic was released on Body Rock, a subsidiary of Tommy Boy, and was mixed by Marley Marl.

Image of the group Rock Squad

Kic Kic

Label: Body Rock
Year: 1986
Format: 12″
Origin: US

Side A

  1. Kic Kic

Side B

  1. Let’s Kick It (Kic Kic)