Hip Hop Be Bop

Afrika Bambaataa & The Cosmic Force


Afrika Bambaataa, Sabu, Baby Biggs (R.I.P.), Lisa Lee

As explained in the Zulu Nation Throwdown post, The Cosmic Force weren’t exactly a set group. For this track they were Sabu, Baby Biggs (RIP) & Lisa Lee.

The track was recorded in 1981 and was a hybrid of disco rap and early electro, pre-dating the more polished sound of Planet Rock. Coming out of the disco, punk era, the title seemed very appropriate. According to Sabu he wrote his verses at age 13 or 14 and the full track is actually around 20 minutes long. He also informed me that contrary to popular belief the melody was written by himself and not copied from the Michael McDonald track ‘I Keep Forgettin’.

This pressing complete with Tommy Boy logo and what would seem like Tommy Boy catalogue number etched in the runout groove is actually a mid to late 90’s bootleg from Japan and only features half the original track. The original release only ever made it to acetate so is extremely rare, if it still exists.

Following this track Sabu joined with Shango vocalist Stacey Williams aka Ace Ace (RIP), Mr. Bee and Slim LA to form The Notorious Force. The group never actually released anything but continued to do live shows and sell live cassettes. He is still very active in the music scene and founded Cment Boot Music Group with his wife where he was later joined by his children. Please check them out on Facebook and Reverbnation.

Many thanks to Fab for confirming the Japanese bootleg.

Please note that as the official release date isn’t known, I’ve listed it as 1981 for now.

Universal Zulu Nation original logo as founded by Afrika Bambaataa

Cosmic Punk Jam [1981]

Label: Tommy Boy Records (Unofficial Promo)
Catalogue #: TB001
Year: 1981
Format: 12″
Country of Origin: Japan


Side A
Cosmic Punk Jam

Side B
Cosmic Punk Jam (Instrumental)