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Broken Glass – Style Of The Street

Streetwave (UK) [MKHAN 17] 1984


Hailing from Manchester, Broken Glass were one of the UK’s best known breakdance crews in 1984 and appeared on several TV shows such as The Tube and CBTV. They danced at Manchester’s Hacienda nightclub where they would regularly take to the stage while DJ Greg Wilson played the latest electro tunes.

Two of the crews members, Kermit and Fiddz, teamed up with Greg to record “Style Of The Street” which was released by Morgan Khan. He then persuaded the group to record several more tracks and featured them on a compilation called Street Sounds UK Electro. In fact, apart from one track by The Rapologists, the entire album was Broken Glass under various aliases… Forevereaction, Syncbeat and Zer-O.

Read the full biography by Greg Wilson here.

Side A

Style Of The Street (Dance Mix)
Street Repeat

Side B

Style Of The Street (Original Mix)

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