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Captain Rapp – Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)

Saturn Records (US) [SAT-2003] 1983

Original release, blue label.

Two years after “The Gigolo Rap” Captain Rapp returns with a West Coast politically conscious response to Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” arranged by the legendary production duo of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Rich Cason and featuring the vocal talents of Kimberly Ball.

Part 2 on the B side is actually just Kimberly without Captain Rapp and on a later release is credited as such. Her vocals were sampled and sped up for the Rough Club’s “Bad Times” in 1988 and lead to a huge club track.

There are a number of label variations and releases which are pictured below, all of which have the same track listing.

Side A

Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)

Side B

Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It) (Part 2)
Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It) (Part 3) (Instrumental)

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