Hip Hop Be Bop

man parrish

Man Parrish – Boogie Down (Bronx)

Sugarscoop Records (US) [SS-430] 1984 Another classic track from the production duo of Parrish & Rodriguez, this time featuring the vocal talents of John Carter aka MC Cool Johnski. Although not exactly an answer version, it was made with a response to Afrika Bambaataa’s “Looking For The Perfect Beat” and has one of the most …

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Man Parrish – Hey There, Homeboys

Sugarscoop Records (US) [SS-433] 1985 Although this is by far the last track from Man Parrish it’s the last hip hop/electro track of the period covered. It features a vocoder intro then the vocal talents of the same two receptionists, Theresa and Tracey, that appeared on the Two Sisters releases and worked at Sugarscoop. Manny & …

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Man Parrish – Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don’t Stop)

Importe/12 records (US) [MP-321] 1982 After headlining Andy Warhol’s Studio 54 club and having a then unknown Madonna as his warm up act, legendary producer Manuel “Manny” Parrish finally released one of the all-time classic electro releases “Hip Hop Be Bop”, produced by himself and Raul Rodriguez (R.I.P.). He actually debuted before this with some …

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Man Parrish – Six Simple Synthesizers

Rams Horn Records (Netherlands) [RHR 3338] 1984 An unofficial European only release this time featuring the legendary Klaus Nomi, once again on Rams Horn Records including a Ben Liebrand remix of the title track. The track was incorrectly titled “Six Little Synthesizers” on the label and sleeve. For further info please check out Man Parrish’s …

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