Hip Hop Be Bop


Man Parrish – Boogie Down (Bronx)

Sugarscoop Records (US) [SS-430] 1984 Another classic track from the production duo of Parrish & Rodriguez, this time featuring the vocal talents of John Carter aka MC Cool Johnski. Although not exactly an answer version, it was made with a response to Afrika Bambaataa’s “Looking For The Perfect Beat” and has one of the most …

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Man Parrish – Hey There, Homeboys

Sugarscoop Records (US) [SS-433] 1985 Although this is by far the last track from Man Parrish it’s the last hip hop/electro track of the period covered. It features a vocoder intro then the vocal talents of the same two receptionists, Theresa and Tracey, that appeared on the Two Sisters releases and worked at Sugarscoop. Manny & …

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Man Parrish – Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don’t Stop)

Importe/12 records (US) [MP-321] 1982 After headlining Andy Warhol’s Studio 54 club and having a then unknown Madonna as his warm up act, legendary producer Manuel “Manny” Parrish finally released one of the all-time classic electro releases “Hip Hop Be Bop”, produced by himself and Raul Rodriguez (R.I.P.). He actually debuted before this with some …

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Two Sisters – B-Boys Beware

Sugarscoop Records (US) [SS-426 / SS-427] 1983 Great follow-up to “High Noon” and probably the most memorable track featuring Emcee Popper G.L.O.B.E. aka MC G.L.O.B.E. of Soul Sonic Force. It appeared on the Street Sounds Electro Series amongst others. There are a couple of different versions for this release. There is a standard release with …

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