Hip Hop Be Bop

CD III – Get Tough

Prelude Records (US) [PRL D672] 1983


Debut release for CD III on classic disco label Prelude. The group, consisting of Carlos Savory, George “Dash” Watford & Howard Thompson only released 3 tracks as CD III, two of them on Prelude. I can’t seem to find anything else that George Watford was involved in but Carlos Savory went on to produce the in-demand track “Good To Go” by Glamorous on Prism Records in 1988. Of the three, Howard Thompson went on to huge success as Howie Tee and produced or featured on many tracks by The Real Roxanne, Chubb Rock, Color Me Badd, Whistle, Special Ed, Little Shawn, etc.

The record carried a positive message which is as true today as it was back then. Add this to a heavy beat and a catchy synth bassline and you have this timeless classic which has been sampled by Sway & King tech on “Follow 4 Now” and used in the classic old school mix “Genius At Work” featured on Big Apple Productions Vol.III. The instrumental was mixed by two legends of the game, Marley Marl & M2 aka Mr. Magic (R.I.P.).

The promo has a different catalogue number but the runout grooves have the general release catalogue number etched on them. Both promo and general release have the same track listing.

Check out the official video for this track below.

Side A

Get Tough (Vocal) [7:34]

Side B

Get Tough (Instrumental) [6:30]

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