Hip Hop Be Bop

Cosmic Touch – Nothing Ever Changes

Serious Gold (US) [SG 1009] 1983


Classic piece of vocoder electro rap and the sole release by Cosmic Touch, written by Ronnie Gee, reggae artist Johnny Clark and jazz trombonist Craig Harris and released on Serious Gold which was a sub label of S.M.I. The track was mixed and arranged by Ronnie Gee, engineered by Steve Breck and produced by reggae artist Anthony ‘Gunshot’ Johnson and Will Crittendon aka Captain Cee.

We used a custom sync box, an 808, Oberheim OBXa, a customized Minimoog, DX7, MS20 and a customized Oberheim 2-voice. The music was composed on a dual 5 1/4″ floppy disk Leading Edge computer running Voyertra’s Sequencer Plus. The Korg Vocoder (I believe with an SM58) was played in real time. There are no samples. This was recorded to an Otari 1/2″ 8 track and mixed in real time to 1/4″ tape running at 15ips. [Steve Breck – Engineer]

The vocoder intro “Nothing” was used by Doug E. Fresh for his track of the same name on his “Oh My God” album from 1986.

Side A

Nothing Ever Changes [6:55]

Side B

Nothing Ever Changes (Instrumental Mix) [6:55]
Nothing Ever Changes (Special Dub Mix) [6:55]

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