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Daniel Sofer – One Hundred Speakers

Saturn Records (US) [SAT-2008] 1984


Daniel Sofer was a producer and keyboard player from the West Coast. He worked for Oberheim Electronics where he wrote the manual and recorded the drum samples for the DMX drum machine and in 1982 also released an experimental 7″. Around the same time he had a meeting with Cletus Anderson from Saturn Records resulting in his debut production for Saturn Records and Ice T’s debut on vinyl with “Cold Wind Madness”.

Following the success of the Ice T release he also produced “Scratch Motion” for the Triple Threat Three before releasing this track which was his only other record as an artist. The track also featured the DJ skills of the Unknown DJ and the legendary Dr. Dre of the World Class Wreckin Cru and N.W.A. This was their debut appearance on wax and was the only time they ever worked together.

Daniel “Perfect Tommy” Sofer, a nickname given to him by Unknown for his perfect timing, went on to appear on the Triple Threat Three’s follow up “M.P.G.” for Saturn and then tracks by Unknown DJ, World Class Wreckin Cru and D.E.F. feauturing DJ 3-D.

Daniel Sofer @ West Coast Pioneers.

Side A

Rhythm Rock Rapp (featuring Unknown DJ)

Side AA

Scratchin’ 100 Speakers (featuring Dr. Dre & Unknown)
Rappin’ 100 Speakers (featuring DJ Gee)

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