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Der Mer – Fall Out

Tashamba (US) [KON 3032] 1984

First press with plain label and different label spelling.

This is the debut release by Der-Mer aka Lawrence P. Dermer, a Miami based producer, songwriter, singer and keyboard (synthesizer) player. It was produced, arranged and written by Noel Williams, best known for co-writing Bob Marley’s “Buffalo soldier”, and released on Noel’s Tashamba Records. Noel also recorded under the alias King Sporty.

There are a few variations which are pictured below. They were all released on Tashamba but the first pressing was spelt Tshamba and was a plain white label with black text. It was pressed again but with full colour labels this time and then a third press included a rap version featuring Eric Griffin who went on to release tracks as Eric G & The Juice Troop and Worse ‘Em.

It was remixed again in 1986 as Fall Out (Fresh 86) and then as a B-side to King Sporty’s Fall Out (Again) in 1989.

First & Second Pressing [KON 3032]

Side A

Fall – Out [3:43]

Side B

Fall – Out (Instrumental) [5:30]

Third Pressing [KON 3032]

Side A

Fall-Out [3:43]
Fall-Out [4:40]

Side B

Fall-Out (Rap) (featuring Eric Griffin) [7:22]

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