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DJ Magic Ray & The Undefeated Three – Unity Rap

Apexton Records (US) [AP-114] 1982

Prior to recording as a group, The Undefeated Three were Funkmaster Wizard Wiz, T La Rock & female MC, Vicious T. Former b-boy Wiz was the only member that was motivated to maintain studio dates, etc so he recruited Gerald Stevens aka Easy G and Joe McDonald aka Supreme as replacements for the others and along with his DJ Magic Ray they signed to Apexton for this release. The label, however, wanted to replace one of the group with someone who represented Queens so, as they were funding the project, Joe Mac voluntarily stepped down to make way for his replacement.

Side A

Unity Rap [6:50]

Side B

Unity Rap (Bonus Beats – Instrumental) [6:30]

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