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Fantasy Three – Biters In The City

C.C.L. Records Inc. (US) [C.C.L. 001] 1983


Master O.C. once again helps produce Fantasy Three’s follow up to “It’s Your Rock” with a little help from the legendary Pumpkin (R.I.P.) which was the first release on the short lived C.C.L. Records label. This was the label started by the group and stood for Chico, Charlie Rock & Larry D. Chico was the name of the guy that put up the funds for the label but for some reason Silver Fox was omitted. Once again there are some label variations, as pictured below, but one common element, as far as I know, is that all original copies were released in blue generic sleeves.

Early pressings on a white label have a phone number at the bottom which is omitted on all following issues. There is another copy with a white label plus 2 slightly different blue label versions, one with the artist name printed in upper case and the other in lower case, all of which are pictured below.

Side A

Biters In The City (Vocal) [6:48]

Side B

Biters In The City (Instrumental) [5:32]
Biters In The City (Scratch Version) [3:58]

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