Hip Hop Be Bop

Fantasy Three – Summer b/w The Buck Stops here

C.C.L. Records Inc. (US) [C.C.L. 301] 1984


This is the final release from Fantasy Three and the third release on C.C.L. Records. They treat us to two tracks on this release with music by Hashim, one of which features on Street Sounds Electro 5.

Unlike their previous two releases there doesn’t seem to be any label variations for this although there is one thing to note. It seems that after the test pressing the sides were reversed for the official release. This could have been deliberate or may have just been a mistake when labeling the test press.

Side A

Summer (Vocal) [5:54]
Summer (Bonus) [1:55]

Side B

The Buck Stops Here [4:30]
The Buck Stops Here (Instrumental) [5:34]

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