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Favourite Websites

We strive to provide you with all the content and releases that is available to us. However the culture is quite vast so we might not have some information available at this moment or it  might be a category we don’t cover. To save you the trouble of searching, we have put together some websites, blogs and forum that contribute to the music culture. 

We are continually building our list, if you would like us to feature your website or a website you know please contact us here.


Rapper and hip hop historian, JayQuan, takes you a ride through hip hop’s history with far more than just the records themselves. The website features interviews with the original artists, videos and stories galore. If you want to know more about hip hop then just click the logo.

Features interviews, videos, reviews and more.
Brilliant videos and written reviews of many old and new releases.

Diggers With Gratitude

Visit the forum and chat hip hop old and new with like-minded people or visit their Fresh Pressings store for releases by the likes of The Good People, Last Jazz Club, Mello Soul Black, Godfather Don, etc.

For your buying needs

Specialists in new and previously unreleased music on colour vinyl, picture discs, test pressings and all things limited.

Home to DITC, Lord Finesse, Damu The Fudgemunk, Son Of Sam, Marco Polo, AG, Showbiz and many more.

Specialists in unreleased and hard to find 1990’s hip hop with a few new releases thrown in for good measure.

Hip City Swingers, Bigg Vic, Last Jazz Club, Livin’ Proof, Veks, Thirstin Howl III, Class A Felony, etc.

Having released several rare and limited pressings from Phill Most Chill, Unique, TDS Mob, IBM Nation, etc, the guys at Diggers With Gratitude bring you Fresh Pressings, specializing in new releases.

Godfather Don, Jorun Bombay, Soundsci, The Good People, Last Jazz Club, etc.

Originally set up by Beat Route 33, Supreme Shar and IDS with the intention of releasing their own music. The label has since evolved into much, much more.

Mr. Fantastic, Truck, Cut Beetlez, NiLLa, Fabreeze Brothers, Jorun-PMC, Sir Beanz OBE, Dillon & Paten Locke, SOE, Journeymen, Hosie, etc.

The real 45 Kings!

What began as a small group of DJ’s who are fanatical about 45’s evolved into an independent label specializing in mash-ups and remixes on 7″ singles.

Zhane, Faith Evans, Nas, Stetsasonic, Public Enemy, Shirley Bassey, PUTS, Double Exposure, Eric B & Rakim, Donald Byrd….it’s all here!

One of the leading UK hip hop labels run predominantly by Specifik with help from the original Rhyme Traveller, Whirlwind D.

Features releases from Specifik, Whirlwind D, Chrome, Illinspired, Deeflux & Miracle, Carpetface, Uncle Mic Nitro, Heavy Links, etc.

If it’s UK hip hop you want then look no further than DJ Disorda’s Suspect Packages website. Like it says in the logo – Backing British beats since 1996.

Check their very own compilations: Suspect Files; UK Hustlerz.

Plenty of merchandise too.


For all genres of new and used music on all formats visit a few of my Discogs friends, including myself, below.