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Fresh 3 MC’s – Fresh

Profile Records (US) [PRO-7037] 1983



This was the debut release by Fresh 3 MC’s. The group consisted of Mr. Bee, Supreme GQ, Jay Cool and DJ Devine. They only released one other record, “Have Your Heart”, and were also part of the Profile All-Stars on Pumpkin’s “Here Comes That Beat!”.

The track was produced by Bill Moore from the group South Bronx (Bottom Line, The Big Throwdown) and Dave Ogrin, who actually created the track and played all the instruments. He even provided the vocals for the chorus….F-R-E-S-H, fresh, fresh, fresh, yo that’s fresh.

The only label variation of note is the 2004 Arista records reissue which, as you can see, is very easy to spot.

Side A

Fresh (6:15]

Side B

Fresh (Instrumental) [5:02]

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