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Gifted 4 – Sounds Of The Mic / Temper

Variety Recording Service (US) [Acetate] 1984

The Gifted 4 consisted of MC Mr. J aka Ricardo James, MC Mighty Mike aka Michael McCormick, Guy Master aka Guy Reuben, Chris Cross aka Chris White and DJ Amin.

This was their first recording as a group and featured the tracks from their only 2 officially released singles, produced by Di’Mon Brown. They were pressed as an acetate only which most probably lead to them getting a deal with Jive Records although these are earlier slightly different versions to the official releases. They were re-recorded and reproduced for commercial release and although the main track here seems to be Sounds Of The Mic, it was actually Temper that was their debut release.

[All info and images courtesy of Fab]

Side A

Sounds Of The Mic

Side B

The Arrival
Sounds Of The Mix (Instrumental)

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