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Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Birthday Party

Sugar Hill Records (US) [SH-555] 1981

This was the groups second release for Sugar Hill and included elements which would be used on the future Grandmaster Flash hit ‘Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel’.

There are a couple of slight label variations pictured but there is also one not pictured which has the additional text Sugarhill Music Publ. Ltd. (BMI) printed below the track length. In additional to the commercial releases there is also a test press title ‘Happy Birthday Rhyme’.

Test Pressing

Side A

Happy Birthday Rhyme (Vocal) [8:30]

Side B

Happy Birthday Rhyme (Instrumental) [8:30]

Commercial Release

Side A

The Birthday Party (Vocal) [8:30]

Side B

The Birthday Party (Instrumental) [8:30]

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