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Hardrock Soul Movement – Do It Any Way You Wanna

Elite (UK) [DAZZ-43] 1985


Originally part of the UK’s legendary Mastermind Roadshow, Max L.X. & Dave V.J. parted from the DJ collective sometime around 1984. They had completed several remixes with Mastermind for artists such as Aretha Franklin, Scritti Politti, Loose Ends, etc and also helped mix the classic Street Sounds Electro series of albums but went the solo route as Hardrock for a remix of UK pop/R&B group Five Star’s “Let Me Be The One”. Shortly after, they released their debut single as Hardrock Soul Movement, an instrumental, electro funk scratch fest interpretation of “Do It Any Way Ya Wanna” by People’s Choice with their own “Hardrock Throwdown” on the flip. The track was very successful and led to further singles from the group.

They also appeared in the classic cult VHS “Electro Rock” which was hosted by Mike Allen. I’ve added a link to the full movie below.

Side A

Do It Any Way You Wanna (Jam, Jam, Jam)
Do It Any Way You Wanna (The Diamond Mix)

Side B

Hardrock Throwdown
Hardrock Throwdown (Instrumental)

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