Hip Hop Be Bop

Jazzy 4 MC’s – MC Rock

Razzberri Rainbow Records (US) [RRR 1] 1979


MC’s Mercury (R.I.P.), Shambu, Sha Rock (Not to be confused with the Funky 4+1) and Frankie J trade verses on this Jazzy 4 MC’s debut track and their only release to date. It was released around the same time as “Rapper’s Delight” and featured the debut production talents of Mark James aka DJ Mark The 45 King.

Update 19 Sept. 2015: Shambu & Mercury were formally of Kool Herc’s Herculords and were known as Fly Force which also included Mr. Bee and T-Ski Valley.

Side A

MC Rock [8:49]

Side B

MC Rock [8:49]

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