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Jocko – The Rocketship

Spaced Out Records (US) [FW 17817] 1979
Philadelphia International Records (US) [2Z8 3677] 1979

Douglas ‘Jocko’ Henderson (R.I.P.) was a DJ from Baltimore who began his broadcasting career at WSID before moving to WHAT in Philadelhia where he further developed his distinct rhyming style, a style he learned from fellow Baltimore DJ Maurice ‘Hot Rod’ Hulbert.

In the early 1960’s he released the soul/blues tracks ‘A Little Bit Of Everything’ b/w ‘Blast Off To Love’ on Wand and also had greatest hits collections ‘Jocko’s Show Stoppers’ and ‘Jocko’s Rocket To The Stars’ released in his name from Wand and its parent company Scepter.

He appeared on several Philadelphia and New York stations and hosted a show called Jocko’s Rocket Ship Show.

Continuing the Rocket theme he released this R&B/rap release on Spaced Out Records in 1979. Later the same year the track was picked up and released on the legendary Philadelphia International Records. Both releases featured exactly the same tracklisting.

Check Broadcast Pioneers for more information.

Side A

The Rocketship [7:28]

Side B

The Rocketship (Instrumental) [7:28]

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