Hip Hop Be Bop

Lady Crush & DJ Jazz – MC Perpetrators

Executive KAM Records (US) [KAM-4] 1986

Following her success featuring on Tim Greene’s ‘Facts Of Life’, Lady Crush was encouraged to record again. This was her follow-up recording, produced by and featuring Tim Greene, who also has a guest verse. It also features Philadelphia native DJ Jazz (Robbie B & DJ Jazz).

There was a bit of a debate as to whether this was actually 1984, 1985 or 1986 as the biography on her website says later the same year (as Facts Of Life) which was 1985. Lady crush herself states that it was released in 1984. However, there are a couple of label variations, one of which has the date, 1986, and one which has no date so I’ve put it on here as 1986. Both are pictured and both have the same track lisiting.

Side A

MC Perpetrators [6:04]

Side B

MC Perpetrators (Extended Throw Down Party Mix) [6:04]

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