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Hip Hop Be Bop

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9th Creation – What’s Shakin / Much Too Much (7″) [Dynamite Cuts 2021]


Calibro 35 – Calibro 35 (2xLP Reissue) [Record Kicks 2020]

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Beats In Progress – Keep On Diggin EP [Britcore Rawmance 2021]


After setting up Beats In Progress in 1997 with Rob Life many moons ago, Tufkut,  with his trusty Akai S950 and stack of breaks, thought for the 20th anniversary it’d be worth making something special. So with a delay due to adding the extra ingredients, here is the ‘Keep on Diggin’ EP.

The EP features a mix of UK & US MC’s including Chrome, Craig G, Percee P & Kashmere and with production by Tufkut & Sir Beans OBE plus combined artwork by Dan Lish (Front), Mark Bode (Back) and Sub2 (Labels), this is one EP you definitely don’t want to miss.

Available on black or green vinyl.




A1 – Keep On Diggin (feat. Chrome)
A2 – Kill The Nonsense (feat. Craig G)
A3 – Beastin (feat. Percee P & Mr. Vincent)
A4 – I Will Not Stop (feat. King Kashmere)

B1 – Keep On Diggin (Remix feat. Chrome & Sir Beans OBE)
B2 – Kill The Nonsense (BIP Mix feat. Craig G)
B3 – Keep On Diggin (Instrumental)
B4 – Beastin (Instrumental feat. Mr. Vincent)
B5 – Weddin Mess (Instrumental)