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Def Defiance – Hazardous (2xLP Yellow/Blue vinyl reissue) [Britcore Rawmance 2019] SOLD OUT!

Def Defiance were a pioneering crew of the brit-core scene back in the 1980s, but were way off the radar as they lived down in Devon. They released many cassettes on street level, and this album was the pinnacle of that short career. Only 100 copies were made. All three members went on to record other stuff, Shar worked with Alien Earth, Project Cee released work with Specifik and The Projections and continues to work with Rola who had a substantial influence as a producer and emcee with Numskullz.





A1 – Hazardous
A2 – Chemical Attack
A3 – I Don’t Burn
A4 – Breakout (From The DD Shack)

B1 – Come Into My Realm
B2 – Blow On It
B3 – 6000ft Underground
B4 – Drop It Jay

C1 – Perpertratin’ Frauds
C2 – Definitely Def
C3 – When The Sky’s Black
C4 – Check Dis One

D1 – Kimberley The Kat
D2 – Who’s The Abuser?
D3 – Poetically Lyricin’
D4 – Jolly Ginger
D5 – Critical Point Booster



Weight 600 g


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