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Dr. Rubberfunk – My Life At 45 (CD) [Jalapeno Records 2020]


Dr Rubberfunk might not be medically trained, but he does know a thing or two about treating your ears, as he returns with his fourth album ‘My Life at 45’.

The eagle eyed will have spotted the connection to the good Doctor’s second album – ‘My Life at 33’ – and fans can do their own maths as to when they should expect the final RPM-punning release in the trilogy.

Having established himself in funk, soul, blues and jazz circles with a ton of high calibre releases, the good doctor holds a reputation for quality productions, with a hands-on approach, both in front of, and behind the mixing desk, as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer.

The new album brings together stunning vocals from John Turrell, Izo FitzRoy and Stephanie Whitelock, whilst the instrumental tracks, showcasing the talents of long-time collaborators Jim Oliver, Jonathon James and Ben Castle, make it clear just what a crack production outfit the Doctor has put together.

Pulling together tracks from the popular ‘My Life At 45’ 7″ inch series, the album also features a new mix of ‘How Beautiful’ alongside four brand new tracks!





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1 – Boom! (feat. John Turrell)
2 – Pressure Cooker
3 – A Matter Of Time
(feat. Izo FitzRoy)
4 – How Beautiful
5 – Canvas Cathedral
(feat. Ben Castle)
6 – With Love
(feat. Stephanie Whitelock)
7 – Slim’s Mood
8 – Hey!
9 – A Little Blahzay (feat. Izo FitzRoy)
10 – Steppin’ In
11 – Laid Bare (feat. Stephanie Whitelock)
12 – Longshore Drift


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