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The Impellers – As Sampled By (2xVinyl LP) [Tonearise 2017] SOLD OUT!



Limited to 250 copies only


44 classic breaks, as sampled by the pioneers of hip hop and drum n bass, played and mixed live by a 12 piece powerhouse heavy funk band.



Played live, but mixed as if by a DJ, this album features versions of breaks sampled by the likes of De La Soul, Eminem, Dre, Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, N.W.A, Kendrick, Run DMC, The Beasties, J5, Big Daddy Kane, ATCQ, The Prodigy, DJ Shadow and Goldie (and just about every DnB producer that ever lived).


Heavy funk, soul and breaks band The Impellers have been killing dancefloors across Europe with this material for the past 5 years but now you can check it for yourself on record for the first time.

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A1 – Shifting Gear
A2 – Rock Creek Park
A3 – Kool Is Back
A4 – Get Out My Life Woman
A5 – Just Kissed My Baby
A6 – Hook And Sling
A7 – It’s A New Day
A8 – Amen Brother
A9 – It’s Just Begun
A10 – Last Night Changed It All
A11 – Dance To The Drummer’s Beat


B1 – The Boss
B2 – It’s My Thing
B3 – Tramp
B4 – Silly Savage
B5 – Badder Than Evil
B6 – The Ghetto
B7 – Walk On The Wild Side
B8 – Let A Woman Be A Woman And Let A Man Be A Man
B9 – Soul Power ’74
B10 – Shack Up Pt.2


C1 – Root Down
C2 – I Got The
C3 – Funky Drummer
C4 – The Payback
C5 – Think
C6 – So Much Trouble On My Mind
C7 – I Know You Got Soul
C8 – Tighten Up
C9 – Give It Up Turn It Loose


D1 – Brother’s Gonna Work It Out
D2 – Kissing My Love
D3 – Apache
D4 – You Can’t Love Me If You Don’t Respect Me
D5 – Impeach The President
D6 – Different Strokes
D7 – Handclapping Song
D8 – God Made Me Funky
D9 – I Walk On Gilded Splinters
D10 – Ashley’s Roachclip
D11 – Unwind Yourself
D12 – Champ
D13 – Cold Sweat
D14 – Things Got To Get Better

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