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Pumpkin & The Profile All-Stars – Here Comes That Beat!

Profile Records (US) [PRO-7047] 1984


Second and final release with Pumpkin as the artist. This track is an early posse cut featuring label mates Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, Fresh 3 MC’s, Greg G & Mr. Troy of the Disco Four, George “Galaxy” Llado and Fly Ty-rone. It was engineered by Dave Ogrin who provided some additional information about Pumpkin.

One story about him always comes to mind. He was a little hard of hearing after working on so many records. He used to like to work at Quadrasonic studios in the B room, which was a small room with giant speakers that were hung fairly close to the mixing board. He always wanted to turn it up as loud as possible, beyond what anyone else in the room could stand for very long. He went to the owner of Quad, Lou Gonzalez, who was a technical genius and asked if Lou could figure out how to make the speakers go even louder. Instead, Lou created a special pair of headphones for Pumpkin which were made from two Aurotone cube speakers.These are actual small speakers meant to be used as speakers in a room, but Lou strapped two of those to Pumpkins head and cranked it up. It was insanely loud, but it made Pumpkin happy and saved all of our ears. [Dave Ogrin 2016]

Side A

Here Comes That Beat! [6:50]

Side B

Here Comes That Beat! (Instrumental) [6:30]

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