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Roxanne with U.T.F.O. – The Real Roxanne

Select Records (US) [FMS 62256] 1984

Following Roxanne Shante’s scathing reply to ‘Roxanne, Roxanne’, U.T.F.O. sensed an opportunity and released this response to ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’. They hired a female rapper named Elease Jacks and crafted the persona of The Real Roxanne. As a bit of a twist they wrote the lyrics for Elease but actually dissed themselves. Elease was uncredited on the release.

The release also featured a scratch mix featuring Howie Tee & Mix Master Ice.

There are no label variations that I know of but there was a limited quantity pressed on red vinyl.

These tracks were also released in the UK on Streetwave Records complete with the tracks from their ‘Hanging Out’ release. Check it out HERE.

Side A

The Real Roxanne (Bleeped Version) [4:39]

Side Breal

Roxanne’s Back Side (Scratch It) [4:58]
The Real Roxanne (Uncensored Version) [4:39]

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