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The Honeyrappers – Honeybear Rap

Rainbow Bridge Records (US) [RB1985] 1985

The Honeyrappers were Cheryl Burton, Kim Armstrong and Trina Green. They were cheerleaders for the Chicago Bears called the Chicago Honey Bear Cheerleaders and recorded this record for fun as a demo to share with their friends. It was a rallying cry for the Bears and was based around the bassline of Harold Faltermeyer’s ‘Axel F’. Unbeknown to them it was leaked to the local radio stations which created enough hype that they released it on vinyl.

The cheerleaders were disbanded following the 1985 season but Greg Schwartz trade marked the name and transformed them into a dance company which toured the country.

Cheryl Burton went on to become an anchor for Chicago’s ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

There were a couple of pressings for this release which had the same track listing but different labels and sleeves.

I couldn’t find a YouTube video of the track so will upload it at a later date.

Side A

The Honeybear Rap (Short Version) [3:38]
The Honeybear Rap (Instrumental Version) [5:05]

Side B

The Honeybear Rap (Long Version) [7:10]


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