Hip Hop Be Bop

Two Sisters – High Noon

Sugarscoop Records (US) [SS-424] 1983


Debut release from Two Sisters aka Man Parrish & Raul Rodriguez (R.I.P.). The vocalists, who were pictured on the album, were actually two receptionists from the offices of Sugarscoop, Theresa & Tracey and were the same ones used on the later Parrish release, “Hey There, Homeboys”.

Dance music history: The TWO SISTERS “Name”

 I used to hang out a lot with Raul Rodriguez. We wrote a whole bunch of records together. A few of them are now considered classics. One of the guys at the record label coined us the “two sisters” because we would be like Lucy and Ethel, always getting into trouble. So, one day we needed a name for our group, and as a private joke we decided to use “Two Sisters”. The girls on the cover worked as a receptionist in the office, and could sing. We needed singers for the tracks I wrote and we used them. So now you know the “Two Sisters” is actually a goof name for Man Parrish and Raul Rodriguez (RIP).. [Man Parrish]

Side A

High Noon [4:10]

Side B

High Noon (Part 2) [7:00]

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