Hip Hop Be Bop

U.T.F.O. – Beats And Rhymes

Select Records (US) [FMS 62241/FMS 62253] 1984

U.T.F.O. (UnTouchable Force Organisation) consisted of Kangol Kid (Shiller Shaun Fequiere), Doctor Ice (Fred Reeves), Educated Rapper aka E.M.D. (Jeffrey Campbell – R.I.P.) and Mixmaster Ice aka DJ Ice (Maurice Bailey). Kangol Kid and Doctor Ice were originally a dance duet called The Keystone Dancers and DJ Ice and the Educated Rapper began as a DJ crew. They met as dancers for Whodini and went on to form U.T.F.O. where they┬áreferred to themselves as the Village People of rap due to the specific image of each member.

This was their debut release after signing to Fred Munao’s Select Records.

There are a few label variations for this release, some of which are pictured below, and unlike other Select releases, they all include a different catalogue number on each side. Side A = FMS 62241, Side B = FMS 62253.

Side A

Beats And Rhymes [8:29]

Side B

Beats And Rhymes (Dub) [7:10]
Beats And Rhymes (Radio Version) [3:37]

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