Hip Hop Be Bop

The idea….

In the early 90’s I worked in a shop called Wax City Music in Croydon and ran the hip hop and R&B sections. After a while I realised that it would be beneficial to me if I kept a note of all the releases that were available from the importers and distributors and so I noted them all down, even if I didn’t stock them. It made things easier when someone requested a record I didn’t have as most of the time I could find out who had copies and order them in.

Fast forward a few years and after leaving the shop I put the information into an Excel spreadsheet and kept adding to it using info from magazines, etc. I never really knew what to do with it but enjoyed the task so I kept at it. Currently there are over 39000 entries although that includes all formats and also some variations/duplicates. Eventually I had the idea of doing a website but didn’t have a clue how to do one or even if I had the money to do so. My good friend Remi taught me how to write HTML so I began experimenting. Suddenly along came Dreamweaver and made the job a whole lot easier. I built a small website with it but never actually uploaded it. I wanted a searchable database which at the time was difficult to do. I slowly lost interest but kept on updating the spreadsheet.

Enter Freddy Fresh and his classic “Rap Records” books. This was exactly what I wanted to do but in a website. Eventually I stumbled upon Discogs and that was it. This was exactly what I had wanted to build all along but it seemed so pointless now so I stopped updating the spreadsheet and was on the verge of deleting it completely.

More recently I have begun to collect vinyl again which in turn has rekindled my ideas for the future of the database/spreadsheet. I have decided to slowly publish the database as a blog just for the fun of it and see where it goes, if anywhere. Most of it is information that’s readily available online but hopefully there will be the occassional oddity. To begin with I will focus mainly on US & UK 12″ singles from 1979-1986, not necessarily in order. I won’t be listing every available version from every country but will hopefully be adding useful bits of information which will make the site a more enjoyable place to visit.

If any of my information is incorrect or there are any dead links please feel free to let me know and I’ll make amendments.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope you like it.