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Xena – On The Upside

Emergency Records (US) [EMDS 6541] 1983


Brooklyn native Lisa Fischer began her recording career by supporting and providing backing vocals for the likes of Melba Moore, Billy Ocean, Chaka Khan, Roberta Flack, etc.

In 1983 she recorded her debut single under the stage name Xena called ‘On The Upside’ for Emergency records produced and mixed by Chris Barbosa, Chris Lord-Alge, Nelson Cruz and Mark Ligget with music by Robbie Kilgore. The track was a Latin, freestyle, electro hit at the time and even appeared on Morgan Khan’s ‘Street Sounds Electro Series Vol.2’. She did record a second single for Emergency but it didn’t have the same success.

She also recorded an album in 1991 under her real name which spawned a few singles. However, it was as a backing vocalist and supporting artists where she had her main success, supporting the late Luther Vandross (RIP) for the 22 years leading up to his death and accompanying The Rolling Stones on every one of their tours since 1989, even sharing lead vocals with Mick Jagger on some tracks.

There are no label variations that I know of but one release to note is the Canadian pressing which includes the additional Northside Mix, edited by Loreto Manni plus a Raul Rodriguez extended mix on Disconet.

US Release [EMDS 6541]

Side A

On The Upside (Vocal) [5:53]

Side B

On The Upside (Dub) [5:22]

Canadian Release [BXD-015]

Side A

On The Upside (The Northside Mix) [6:56]

Side B

On The Upside (Vocal) [5:50]
On The Upside (Dub) [5:22]

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