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Alien Starr



This is the only release by Alien Starr (George Williams) and was released on his own Starr Jamm Records out of Ohio. Forgot the soul ballad and disco funk tracks and go straight to the vocoder electro funk of ‘Music-A-Lizer’. George was not only the main vocalist but also wrote, produced and played all instruments on the tracks.

George Williams went on to record as G-Rock and released an album and a couple of singles in the mid 90’s.

World Of Ecstasy [1985]

Label: Starr Jamm Records
Catalogue #: NR 16217
Year: 1985
Format: 12″
Country of Origin: US

 Side A
Music-a-lizer (Short Version) [3:33]
World Of Ecstasy [3:51]

Side B
Music-a-lizer (Long Version) [5:31]
Computer [4:01]