Hip Hop Be Bop

Butch Cassidy's Funk Bunch

Member of:

Spectrum City, 5ive-O, The Wreck League

This is the one and only release by Butch Cassidy’s Funk Bunch (Aaron Allen, Stephi C & Debbie Williams) and was written and produced by Charles Casseus, Chuck D (Carlton Ridenhour) and Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler. Charles Casseus also provided vocals and was a member of Key-Matic [‘Breakin’ In Space’, ‘Jazz Up & Hip Hop’].

From around 1981, long before Public Enemy, Aaron was a member of Spectrum City. He was Chuck D’s original rhyming partner and was also the first artist from Long Island to gain a record deal. Following the release of ‘Lies’ on Vanguard, Aaron released ‘On A DJ’s Birthday’ for TNT. 

In 1987 he also released ‘Do The Whop (Drop The Bomb)’ on Profile under his given name. He was also known as A-Yo as a member of the group 5ive-0 aka The Homicide Squad in the mid 90’s who themselves were also members of The Wreck League. The group appeared on the track ‘Rumbo N Da Jungo’ with Chuck D from the Street Fighter soundtrack in 1994.

Aaron is a highly successful martial artist and has his own system called Boxnin, a mixture of Boxing and Ninjitsu.

Am image of the group Butch Cassidy's Funk Bunch

On A DJ's Birthday [1984]

Label: TNT Records
Catalogue #: TN 1227
Year: 1984
Format: 12″
Country of Origin: US

 Side A
On A DJ’s Birthday (Vocal) [5:43]

Side B
On A DJ’s Birthday (Dub) [5:30]