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Hip Hop Be Bop

Chain 3

Bronx Native Chain 3 was a graffiti artist through the mid 1970’s to early 1980’s. He wrote under various aliases including Tee Bag 170, Dr. Phibes, Ash, Word, etc. and was a co-founder of one of the most influential graffiti crews, T.D.S. (The Death Squad). The crew featured fellow writers Dondi, Skeme, Case2, Zephyr, Mr. Jinx 174 and Peso aka The Great Peso, amongst others. Following a short retirement from the scene he quickly returned as a member of T.M.T. (Too Many Tags).

In 1984 Chain 3 recorded a rap track featuring fellow graffiti artist and Fearless Four member, The Great Peso. It was produced by the legendary Pumpkin (RIP) but sadly never saw the light of day until 2009 when it was released by Dutch label Bivak Records. He provided the cover art for the release and also featured on the new track by Dutch duo Marshall Blueberry which appears on the flip.

Following his 1984 recording Chain 3 went on to appear as a producer alongside Master O.C. on the 1985 Tuff City classic ‘Wrong Girls To Play With’ by Papa Austin & The Great Peso.

An image showing graffiti artist, Chain 3, at work


Label: Bivak Records
Year: 2009
Format: 12″
Origin: Netherlands

Side A

  1. Chain 3 – Graffiti (New York City Style) (featuring The Great Peso & Pumpkin)
  2. Chain 3 – Graffiti (New Yorkstrumental)

Side B

  1. Marshal Blueberry – Silent Thunder (featuring Chain 3 & Big Marty)
  2. Marshal Blueberry – Silent Thundermix
  3. Marshal Blueberry – Silentstrumental

Notes: Cover art by Chain 3.