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Fantasy Three – It’s Your Rock

Specific Records (US) [SR-143 / CJP-1001] 1983


Classic debut release from Silver Fox, Charlie Rock & Larry D aka Fantasy Three produced by Master O.C. and as sampled by the likes of Pete Rock, Wu-Tang, De La Soul, 2 Live Crew, etc.

There are a few label variations of this. It is believed that there was only one test pressing made which is pictured below. This was followed by a general release which had the artist name printed as just Fantasy. This was their original name but it was quickly changed to Fantasy III. Most copies seem to have “III” handwritten next to it on the label but there are some copies which don’t, however, they seem very elusive.

There are also a couple of additional variations which have the artist printed as Fantasy Three but have differing record label details under the title. Some have “Specific Records & International Records” while others have “Specific Records & C.C.L. Records Inc.”. C.C.L. was the label formed by the group after hearing the Crash Crew rip-off this track with “On The Radio”.

Finally there was a bootleg released some time in the 2000’s which was like the first issue with just Fantasy on the label. It’s very easy to distinguish from official releases though as there is no phone number printed at the bottom.

Side A

It’s Your Rock (Vocal) [5:49]

Side B

It’s Your Rock [7:00]

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